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Education of Sex

Men use his sex in any moment that he experiences erotic desire and does not bother to regulate or organize his creative function.
Is there anyone who can remain conscious at the moment of orgasm???
It is precisely in the loss of consciousness at the moment that the only sexual
(Sin) lies, because that which is sexual, like everything else, has it's positive and negative aspect. The negative aspect is encountered when the sexual instinct dominates over the will and consciousness. This was the fall of Adam. The positive aspect is seen in a man who is in total control of himself, who uses sex only when his consciousness permits.

When sexual relations are driven solely by instinctive Passions which seek only the satisfaction of material desires, there are dire consequences for both lovers as they open up psyches (Minds) to purely passion and materialistic Vibrations (Vibes or Feelings). With the penetration of these (vibes), only seeds of misfortune
And unhappiness are sown. All sexual relations which do not consist of the intimate communion of deep and true love, along with great attraction and spiritual harmony, are useless for spiritual development.
Not only should there be a union of bodies, but also a union of the soul and of the spirit.

+Sex is the most important factor for good or bad Luck in a Man because for him, Woman represents Nature, the provider of all good things in life. A passionate, hysterical, egotistic and jealous woman bring (Bad luck) to a Man, because she transmits her discordant vibrations (Vibes) to him and he encounters in life something similar to what she has irradiated. This type of woman does not really love her partner but desires to possess and
completely dominate him. The failure of this Man is due to the fact that his woman suffers from the:
"DIANA COMPLEX"( A Dominating, Very Controlling Woman).
With in her is a true sexual disturbance which makes her act like the Male on the Plane of energy, and her Man therefore assumes the role of the Female.
(Or to PUSSY WHIPPED Not physically, but meaning mentally Whipped)
Pussy whip only meaning just want to keep the peace in a day to day nagging, accusing, argumentative relationship.

A Woman, who act in this way, commits a true SIN because she goes against the LAWS of NATURE by losing her femininity and as a result of this, she will always receive the PUNISHMENT of NATURE in one way or the another. This can be only avoided by recapturing her femininity.
When a Man sees that he is pursued by (BADLUCK) he should carefully examine the quality of the sexual union with his partner and he will easily be able to discover the cause of his problem. The same applies with respect to Woman.

The worst thing that is found to exist in the relationship of a couple is the Passionate oscillation (on goings) that is produced between
sexual union and arguments.

A great percentage of intimate relationships follow this sequence:
Sexual union; Argument; Argument; Sexual union.

If couple only knew how they limit their possibilities with these situations, they would be very careful not to fall into this pattern.
There are woman who unconsciously Trample (Step on) their man, Smothering them until they are converted into beings without charter, Beaten down subjects who only obey that which such Women impose. This type of woman has a dominate personality (Spirit) that subconsciously wishes to poses even the thoughts and actions of her partner. And absorb all his ethic - virile Magnetism.

A Woman who give herself totally to her Man Spiritually and physically, brings (Good luck) and makes it possible for him to succeed.

This Woman yearns to give rather than receive; she give herself completely to her Man, fights for him and is always by his side in difficult moments.

And with Men the same occurs for there are two type (2):
A). The one who only wishes to have a Slave.
B). The one who desires a real wife or woman, Conscious of her role

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Dwayne James Johnson
(Secret Science)


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