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Must Read Short Stories

Call me in the morning               Written by JAMES D. JOHNSON

My name is James Johnson. I am going to take you on a ride of imagination.

The first one I want to introduce to you is Rosie, she is very peptic, and small     built.      She also, is not so picky, when it comes to food. She will eat just about any-thing, I give her. I love to just hold her at times.      Now, Asia she is very different from the others, she makes faces at others, for no reason at all, she will, I must say take care of the others. She will wash them all up one by one. She is very, very clean , that I can say about her, but sometime just plain evil, at times.      BooBoo is the biggest of them all. Loves to sit around and wait for the next meal.      He will ask for the next meal, if he gets hungry. The worst thing about him is he will just keep asking, until you get him something to eat.      Boy Oh boy, Teddy is a real funny character, he try's to have sex with Rosie, Asia and poor BooBoo. He try's to do-it to Big BooBoo. He is so horney and greedy. But he is very lovable he will show you lot of affection. Every time you eat, he wants to eat. He will not let a meal pass by, without wanting, some of it. That's not good at all.      I call them the little ones, which they are. We all get alone well, together. Enough of them I want to talk to you about someone very, very special named

Now, I have a lot of good things to talk to you about, when it comes to Aunie

First, let me tell you a few things about Aunie. She is a very sweet person, she always loves to help someone, almost anyone, I don't know if that is good or bad at times. I most of the time wonder if people will try to take advantage of Aunie, because of her being so helpful to almost anyone. I am not saying that she doesn't have a mind of her own.      God knows that she has a mind, a mind, and a mind of her own. And when I say a mind of her own, I mean, their are thoughts, decisions, comprehentions and words, you would not believe!!!!!!

Let go on a ride of imagination of the mind. Okay.

Aunie is a very beautiful woman. I real don't think that she knows that. If she only knows how I, just look at her some times and admirer her. Sometime, I don't think she know, how much I real, real love her.      The main reason that, I love Aunie, is that she loves he for me, now if their is some thing that, she knows that I am doing wrong or something that I need to change , to help myself or to be a better person, but only to be a better person for myself, she will go all out or in other words go all the way for me, I love her for that.       Well, there are things that I will get very angry about with Aunie.      Like doing things when things are to be done. Going places on time, when you are suppose to be there. I always tell her, to stand-up for her rights. Don't give-up, so easy.

Part 1  To be continued.

The New Edition (Black Midnight) Part 2


Once Bitten

There is a place, we must go, because this is a Must Read Article.

Once Bitten              We are going to 159th, 160th & 161st street. On the Upper West around 160th street, You can see Rats walking up and down the street, like they are your Buddies. They will even walk beside you at times.       Seventeen year old Jason C. says standing outside in the front of his building" you can see them looking at you, from under the cars and see them behind garbage cans. These critters have been a long time problem in Washington Heights Upper West Side area. Eleven year old Jaciel V. who awoke one morning, to find a Rat had Bitten a chunk out of her leg. A bite from one of them or food contamination by their urine, can cause fever, infection, salmonellosis and leptospirosis some cases of which are fatal if left untreated. Rat droppings can aggravate Asthma and rats frequently cause house fires by nibbling on electrical wires. In Washington Heights, resident often say "If this isn’t the Spot for Rats, I don’t know what is". On one occasion walking around midnight at 159th Street & Broadway, you could see at least 60 Rats in the street scuttling and running around, back in forth and forth and back. If you see 10 Rats on the street, that there are 100 in the nest. These Rats, which are called Norway Rats, Water Rats or Sewer Rats, produce their offspring every 21 days. At 21 days 7 days a week, 2 Rats can produce 15,000 a year. I mean you only need 2 rats for 15,000 a year, think about it.

Written by Dwayne Johnson Feb 2005


The more you consume, the more you feel you need to consume

Alcohol      Your body craves food substances that you're allergic to. The immune system response to a food allergy causes endorphins and other substances to be released. These chemicals cause a very pleasant "high" to take away the "pain" of allergy symptoms. Your body, in turn, becomes addicted to the release of these chemicals, so you crave more of the food allergen.

Alcohol is no different. If you are allergic to one of the grains used to produce a particular type of alcohol, you may very well become addicted to that type of alcohol. The more you consume, the more you feel you need to consume, because your body needs the endorphins and other chemicals to fight off the more unpleasant symptoms of allergic response.      Until you address the food allergy that causes your addiction to alcohol, you will continue to be susceptible to alcoholism. Food allergies are directly connected to an imbalance pH level in your body. Correcting the problem therefore begins with neutralizing acid waste in your body and restoring your body's pH balance.

THE RISK      Allergies to food substances, including alcohol, are largely the result of improper digestion and a body pH that's out of balance. If you consume something you're allergic to, your body cannot digest that substance properly. The undigested substance becomes acidic.     The acid waste either enters your bloodstream, where it damages your organs and prevents nutrients from reaching your body's cells, or it lingers in the intestines, where it becomes even more acidic and destroys the intestinal lining, further inhibiting the body's ability to digest food properly.      When you continue to consume allergens such as alcohol because of your body's addictive response, your acid level continues to rise. Accumulation of acid further upsets the digestive tract, and as a result, your body has even more difficulty digesting foods. Food substances that didn't cause an allergic response before now become new allergens, and the cycle intensifies.

THE DAMAGE     The accumulation of acid waste in your body perpetuates your addiction. The more alcohol you consume, the more allergic you become, and the more addicted. As long as your body is overrun with the acid waste causing your addiction, you will find it extremely difficult to eliminate alcohol from your diet. As a result, your body's acid level will continue to rise. Your digestive tract will work less efficiently, and you will become allergic to more substances.      Additionally, the consumption of alcohol overworks your liver. The liver becomes toxic and its ability to eliminate acid from the body is diminished. If the liver becomes incapable of removing acid from the body, the acid waste will clog the bloodstream, preventing oxygen and nutrients from reaching your organs. Your brain, which cannot function properly without the right amounts of oxygen and glucose, will be affected first.      When acid clogs your bloodstream, you are also at greater risk for a heart attack. The acid waste also attracts bacteria. Eventually the liver becomes inflamed and hardened as a result of acid accumulation. The result is cirrhosis that can be fatal.

THE BENEFITS OF A BALANCED pH        To reduce your dependence on alcohol, you need to first reduce the level of acid waste in your body. Eating the
right foods and taking the right supplements can help neutralize and eliminate these acids and restore your body's
proper pH level. Further identifying and eliminating allergens from your diet  will also help. Additionally, foods and supplements that can detoxify and heal your liver will boost your body's ability to eliminate acid waste.

Thanks for reading!                Be Happy and Healthy,

Dwayne Johnson


Are you Ego or Self?

Will you not have to investigate who you really are? How long can you go on being in the dark unaware of your Self? Do you not think it is ignorance to not investigate your true identity? Until you realize who you really are, everything proves to be wrong and incorrect.      Indeed...investigating who you are by becoming aware of your true Self bears some scrutiny within light of what we choose to identify with. It is the basis I think, for how we tend to see ourselves, and through what. The issue of attachments highlights this point, as we have been conditioned to identify with who we are, by mere association to the relative people and things we surround ourselves with.        Then, is it not ironic that you have not made inquires about your own Self yet? Who are you? You have no knowledge about your true identity, where you come from and where you are. You know none of these things and even without knowing the answer to this one vital question, who am I? You complicate your life further by actively participating in this relative world. In this state of ignorance you further complicate your life by getting married, having a family, etc, etc. This is how confusion and puzzles arise in the relative world.

Right from the womb we are told who we are. We are given a name and become property of those with whom we call 'family.' Our earthly identity begins to formulize based upon many ambiguous factors through association within our given environments. We begin to assimilate, and yolk/or bond to that which best represents who we think we are at any given moment in time. Hence, the pseudo self gives birth to many forms alien to its true origins by 'acquiring' false ones along the way.        Here is where a real point IS to be made and where many begin the search to find themselves. Why? Because our real Selves do not jive to the world in which WE have created. "by actively participating in this relative world..." we begin to have a sense of 'contrast' from what we inwardly know to what we have been told. The inner voice begins to reason with the higher/authentic Self, and it is here where many begin to feel a sense of "restlessness" that begins to stir and motivate inquiring ones to seek answers to the infamous question...why.        Only when you realize the answer to 'Who am I?' does your wrong belief stop. It is because of this wrong belief; that you have been wandering from one life to another. You do not know your true identity and furthermore you impress upon yourself the belief of that which you are not. You have IMPOSED this wrong belief on your Real Self. Not only this, but you have accepted that 'I am Chandulal' and have behaved accordingly. This false accusation is a blunder. This blunder is the root cause of all suffering. This suffering is in the form of inner restlessness, misery and discontent. At the moment, you have so many worries because of your belief that 'I am Chandulal'. This false imposition on the Self, is ignorance and brings forth suffering.

The evolution of the higher Self does indeed seem to require many lifetimes to realize who it is. It is my strong conviction that what we choose to attach ourselves to, along with the many false beliefs of who we think we are, is what literally stands in our way. And is what ultimately needs to go. Here is where truly an open mind makes willing the way to see more. So rather than hastily reacting to defend the status quo of why one believes the way they do, take the opportunities that come to help free oneself from clinging to earthly attachments by holding one's stuff up to the light for deeper examination, listen to the inner voice, allow the experiences to contrast what one knows to be true, and move towards the higher Truth. Each time one is willing to move forwards by letting go of the deeply conditioned beliefs it has superimposed upon it's Self, more is realized.




Created By Dwayne James Johnson

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